About RRR Network

The National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC)  oversees a number of National Networks made up of Community Legal Centre (CLC) workers, and sometimes others who work and/or have interest in particular areas of law, with particular target groups or CLC operations. These Networks develop national policy and positions regarding current issues faced by their clients, and participate in public debate on those issues.  National Networks have the opportunity to meet once a year at the NACLC Conference and meet by phone link up at other times during the year.

Welcome to the new website for the Rural, Regional and Remote Network. 

The RRR Network website is for all Network Member CLC’s  to share.  Information about Network Member CLC can be posted together with information about the people working in these Centres through the Member Directory area.  Issues of interest can be posted in the Discussion Form for other Network Member CLCs to share their thoughts and experience.  NACLC or industry news will also be added to the news page to keep everyone up to date with information relevant to the Network.

To start, please browse the organisations and individuals in the Member Directory and contact us if you or your CLC are not yet listed.


The Vision of the RRR Network is achieving rights, fairness and equality for all our RRR communities.


The Mission of the RRR Network is connecting Community Legal Centres to pursue rights, fairness and equality for all our RRR communities.

Strategic Priorities

The Strategic Priorities of the RRR Network are:-

  • To lead in good practice for RRR Network members by building the long-term viability and sustainability of RRR Network members’ services
  • To advocate for access to justice, legal assistance services and the promotion and protection of human rights in RRR Network communities
  • To proactively identify and respond to the sector-identified and sector-driven needs of RRR Network members
  • To develop, maintain and strengthen mutually beneficial collaborations with RRR Network members, CLCs and with key stakeholders and peak bodies