Greetings to all our new readers!  At the National Association of Community Legal Centres Conference last year, I was appointed as the current Coordinator of our Regional, Rural and Remote Network.

It seemed to me that the very thing that was joining us together was, in fact, keeping us apart!  It’s hard to find a sense of connection when, unfortunately, we have been so disconnected.  As a response, I have created this website for us all.  My hope is that this website will provide a meeting point for members of our RRR Network so that we can get to know one another; learn more about our different CLC’s and workplaces, and share ideas, news and a sense of unity.

I have used the list of attendees at the NACLC conference as a first ‘member’ list.  If there is anyone that you would like to invite to join our Network, please let us know so that we can include them.

If you have any news, opinions, notices or comments that you’d like to add to the Discussion Forum feel free to broadcast it!

If you have any suggestions for promotion of our Network, please feel free to let us know!

I hope that you like our RRR Network website – enough to use it!

Thank you all